Ocean Optics SBIR research cruise, Mike and Roy deploy world's first fiber optic pH sensor

Deploying first fiber optic pH sensor in the Gulf of Mexico, 1992 from the deck of the RV Bellows.

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Zero Drift Optical O2 Sensors, drift free fiber optic Oxygen Sensors
Zero Drift Sensors are the most stable, optical based oxygen sensors available anywhere. 
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About Us - Spectrecology & Zero Drift

Zero Drift Optical O2 Sensors are the result of a 20 year quest for excellence!


Twenty five years ago, Mike Morris started a small company called pHish Doctor in a tiny shed in his backyard. pHish Doctor was a visual pH sensor for aquariums that helped hobbyists protect their fish from catastrophic swings in pH in their aquariums.

Mike went on to form another company, Ocean Optics, when he was awarded an SBIR grant from the Department of Energy to make a sea-going high precision version of the pHish Doctor.  Ocean Optics was quite successful, because by accident, they invented the world's first minature spectrometer as part of their SBIR work.

Mike was selling miniature spectrometers at Rutgers University when he met Mahmoud Shahriari in the Rutgers Ceramics Department. Mahmoud had ideas to make optical oxygen sensors that would work with the spectrometers.  Mahmoud joined Mike at Ocean Optics and developed a line of oxygen sensors that were the first commercially successful sensors of their kind.

Making a good sensor is difficult. At first the sensors were pretty bad, in fact they drifted so fast that Mike didn't want to offer them for sale. Mike and Mahmoud worked hard and eventually they made pretty good sensors. But they always dreamed of making the "perfect" optical O2 sensor -- one that would not drift at all.

Mike sold Ocean Optics in 1994 and later started Spectrecology.  Mahmoud left Ocean Optics and started Fluorometrics. Together they continued the quest by solving diverse application problems for customers, and slowly finding each piece of the perfect sensor puzzle. They were not satisfied with "good enough."

Now we are offering a truly superior sensor, named "Zero-Drift."  These are getting closer to our ultimate dream, the "perfect" sensor. Perfect is hard to prove, but one thing is certain, a sensor that does not drift is pretty darn close.

The Quest continues!

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