Neofox is also available as a module in a stack of Jaz spectrometers. Call us for details.

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Zero Drift Optical O2 Sensors, drift free fiber optic Oxygen Sensors
Zero Drift Sensors are the most stable, optical based oxygen sensors available anywhere. 
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*** Zero Drift Sensors work with Neofox electronics and all fiber assemblies from Ocean Optics ***

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Optical O2 Sensing Electronics

NEOFOX Phase Fluorometer

 NOEFOX O2 Phase Fluorometer  NEOFOX is a high performance phase fluorometer optimized for use with fiber optic O2 probes based on luminescent quenching. Neofox works with all Zero Drift and Ocean Optics optical O2 sensor materials, probes and patches.

NEOFOX interfaces to your PC through the USB port and is controlled with powerful NEOFOX Viewer software. Ideal for lab or process control.

NEOFOX SPORT is a portable version, complete with onboard display and SD card slot for saving dissolve oxygen, pO2, DO data. Perfect for field work.


NeofoxViewer Software provides a means of calibrating optical O2 sensors, setting instrument parameters and downloading data to the NEOFOX firmware. In addition it provides display of real time O2, temperature and ambient pressure data and records time series data. The software comes with the NEOFOX electronics. For process applications, Neofoxviewer lets you set up and scale the analog outputs (0-5 V or 4-20 mamp), and choose the parameters to report.

Software Downloads and Tech Docs!

Neofoxviewer software features real-time display of O2, temperature, Tau, graphical display of time series, calibration worksheets, and controls over all instrument settings and functions.

Neofox Electronics Specifications

Dimensions: 107.95 mm x 63.5 mm x 38.1 mm
Weight: 642 g
Principle: Photoluminescence quenching using ruthenium or Pt compounds; sensor measures O2 partial pressure
Parameters measured: Luminescence phase shift, AC luminescence intensity, temperature (via optional external thermistors) and pressure (via onboard pressure transducer)
Sensor coating formulations: Zero Drift AP Pt-poryfrin polymer, HCR hydrocarbon resistant Ru in sol gel 
Media: Gases and liquids, slurries 
Communications: USB, analog out
External Power Supply Voltage: 5 V
Power Consumption: (at 5V): 2.5W 
Electronics Operating Temperature: 0 ºC to 55 ºC
4-20mA Output Accuracy: (at 25 ºC) +/- 160 µA
0-5V Output Accuracy: (at 25 ºC) +/- 50 mV
Data Sample Rate: 10 Hz