DO pO2 is plug & play!

DOpO2 is a low cost high performance optical oxygen sensor. Electro-optics in the 5/8" OD probe body interrogate an optical O2 sensor disc held in place by a screw-on sensor cap.  Fluorescence decay rate is detected and used to determine the partial pressure of O2 (pO2) of the sample that is in contact with the disc. Results (pO2 or concentration in a variety of units) are reported by the USB cable to PC based DOpO2 application software.

DOpO2 can also be ordered with RS485 or 4-20 mamp communications, and/or with oceanographic pressure rated cable. A breakout box is available to provide ease of connectivity to your equipment or controllers and a means to mount an external temperature sensor.

Custom versions of DOpO2 electronics, fiber probes and patches are available for OEM clients.

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DOPO2 works with Optical Fibers!

DOPO2 is designed for versatility! You can replace the optical O2 sensor disc cap with an optical fiber to measure pO2 or concentration in small samples, hard to get places or hazardous environments.  Fiber optic sensors are available in all silica or plastic optical fiber (POF) versions.

Fiber sensor probes come with or without an embedded thermistor. Our desktop breakout box is used to connect the thermistor from the fiber .probe, or an isolated temperature probe.

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DOpO2 measures pO2 remotely!

DOpO2 can measure oxygen remotely, non-invasively!  You can mount our sensor discs inside a transparent container, pipe, flask, or reaction vessel and measure the pO2 inside by projecting the optical signal through the container wall from the outside.

Just mount the sensor disc with silicone or other clear adhesive, and position the DOpO2 on the wall pointing at the patch.  Blue excitation pulse illuminate the sensor material and the DOpO2 electronics detect the resulting fluorescence and its decay rate.

Non invasive setups are ideal for measuring pO2 in closed systems, such as for respiration or primary productivity assays.

Sensor Materials designed for your application

AP - most popular general purpose ZeroDrift sensor material. AP patches and sensors are used in gases or aqueous samples. Provides very stable readings.

HCR - formulated for use in hydrocarbons. HCR is resistant to toluene, alcohols and a wide variety of organic solvents.

Overcoats - are added to sensors to enhance their performance:

  • W - a reflective overcoat that improves the signal strength
  • BA - black acrylic - blocks ambient light with minimal slowing of response rate
  • BMS - black silicone - blocks ambient light, hydrophobicity inhibits fouling
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DOpO2 is the result of a 25 year quest for excellence!

We began with need to measure real time Dissolved Oxygen in the open oceans, bays and estuaries of the world. The sensors need to be rugged, reliable, stable and accurate -- exceedingly challenging requirements.

Optical oxygen sensing has great advantages over electro-chemical techniques, but realizing the full potential of this technology required constant research, engineering and improvement. Our exposure to customers in many different industries and settings helped us discover and correct subtle phenomena that affects performance, and to make a wide variety of sizes, styles and configurations of sensors for different applications,

Our break through in fabricating the most stable oxygen sensing material - ZeroDrift AP -  came from focused efforts to deploy our sensors on aircraft to monitor both O2 in fuel tanks, and in the enriched air supplied to the pilots.

Our new DOpO2 electronics builds on our previous work with Ocean Optics' Neofox, eliminating instability in the readings caused by artifacts arising in its electro-optics. Further, we reduced the size, changed the shape to permit fully integrated probes and dramatically reduced the cost.

Who we are:

Mike Morris is the President of Spectrecology. 30 years ago Mike started a company called Ocean Optics, to make fiber optic pH sensors and spectrometers for the oceanographic community.

Mike was selling miniature spectrometers at Rutgers University when he met Dr. Mahmoud Shahriari in the Rutgers Ceramics Department. Mahmoud had ideas to make fiber optical oxygen sensors  Mahmoud joined Mike at Ocean Optics and developed a line of oxygen sensors that were the first commercially successful sensors of their kind. Today Mahmoud is the President of Fluorometrics Instruments.

Spectrecology sells a full line of UV, VIS and NIR spectrometers, fibers, light sources, spectroscopy accessories and of course the DOpO2 electronics and Zero Drift sensor line.

Fluorometrics manufactures the O2 sensors and DOpO2 electronics.

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DOpO2 probe measuring dissolved oxygen - Spectrecology

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